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Located on the next side of the hotel, Holiday Resot Hotel Fevzipaşa mah. 4206 Sk. No: 2 Didim / AYDIN ​​/ TURKEY Address Hotels in the Holiday Resot; It shall be referred to as the Parties.

These parties; The official offer of this contract contains all the conditions for submission of the fee terms service,, has been listed on the internet page, the customer has not agreed to change the contract, the contract has been concluded for all those who contract.


1.1. Pursuant to this contract, the Hotel is obliged to provide accommodation services on the request of the Customer (hereinafter referred to as 'Service').

1.2. I agree that they have signed a contract by signing this contract and / or making reservation for services we offer.

1.3. When the Hotel confirms the claim of the Client, the Parties will conclude the Contract.


2.1. Service booking, Customer's reservation notification by calling 0 (256) 610 07 33 can be done by filling in the reservation form on or by contacting customer representatives from online tawk to system.
2.2. In case the customer wants to cancel or change any request, you can apply to the Hotel at 0 (256) 610 07 33, send an e-mail to e-mail or to the Hotel tawk to online customer representatives via the website.
2.3. Customer's request to make changes to the Reservation must be received by the Customer no later than 3 (three) days prior to the commencement of the reservation, or by the authorized representative of the Customer 2.2. it must be communicated to the hotel by one of the methods mentioned in Article.
2.4. The customer may request a change and cancellation no more than 2 times for the reservation without paying any fee. If the customer asks for more changes, the hotel will be obliged to pay a fee according to the reservation and cancellation order.
2.5. With this contract, the customer accepts, declares and undertakes that the reservation will be made according to the price list applied during the date when the booking is made, if the customer wishes to change / make any change in reservation during the period when the special discount is applied (early reservation period etc.) Customer agrees that special discounts will not apply when booking changes made outside of the applicable periods.


2.6. The hotel will respond to changes in the duration of the Customer according to the availability of the hotel.

2.7. The discount for children will be applied if the discount for children is in the same room with their parents (two adults). According to this contract, the age of the child / children to be informed by the client at the time of booking registration will be taken into consideration during the registration process to be made at the hotel. In case the child's age declared during the repetition phase is different from the child's age in the registration, the necessary changes will be made in the reservation and the fee will be charged to the customer. In case the child's age is different, declared and committed.

2.8. In the hotel room there will be a customer over at least 18 years old. Under 18 years old can stay with at least one adult.


3.1. The customer will enter his / her credit card information during the payment made by credit card through the online reservation system tool, or the payments to be made with the help of tawk to online customer representatives will be forwarded to the customer representatives and they will be requested on behalf of the customer, it makes purchases with information.

3.2. The hotel accepts that credit card information and the system on which it is provided are under the protection of a special security system that prevents the information from appearing or being copied in any way and in any way. The Hotel shall also be free from and will not be liable for damages arising from damaging programs and similar program systems arising from Customer's computer and due to the fact that the information and documents and secrets are learned by third parties due to the customer's carelessness.


3.3. The customer will be assigned to the hotel staff upon arrival at the hotel; the online booking will show the credit card used for payment when registering or a photocopy of the front of this credit card. Responsibility for damages / damages arising from the failure of the customer to fulfill these responsibilities will be the responsibility of the customer.

3.4. The invoice will be given at the time of departure from the hotel after receiving the customer service. If the customer does not receive his invoice at checkout, the customer's address will be sent. If the Customer does not specify the address to send the invoice, the invoice will be sent to the contact address. The Hotel shall not be held responsible for the failure of the customer to specify the wrong address, not to indicate the buyer, or for the reason that the buyer is not present in the specified address.

3.5. Payments to be made from our site will be in Turkish Lira. Euro, Dollar and British sterling can be used in the method of payment by the bank (banknotes, etc.). Information related to the exchange rates is provided by the Central Bank of Turkey.



4.1. Payment made by the Customer in the form of transmission to the Hotel by one of the methods mentioned in Article 2.2.3 (three) days prior to the date of entry into the Hotel by the Customer, shall be paid by the Hotel within 15 (fifteen) working days following this request, etc it will be returned to him / her with deductible costs.

4.2. In the event that the cancellation request is made earlier than 3 days before the Customer's arrival at the Hotel, the entire amount of the Customer accommodation will not be possible and the customer has irrevocably acknowledged that he has paid this amount as penalty for the hotel. The Customer is obliged to pay the value added tax in effect if the Customer is required to pay a Value Added Tax for the penalties and other indemnities paid by the Customer under this Contract.

4.3. Any refunds or refunds made by credit card payments at the time of booking will be refunded by the hotel to the bank account in which the credit card of the Client is made and / or the bank account from which the payment is sent.

4.4. In the refund transactions, by the hotel, commission, tax, etc. shall be returned to the Customer with deductible costs.



5.1. The age and identity of the Customer and accompanying persons will be checked during entry. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes in advance the legal responsibilities that may be incurred due to the misinformation of the customer. The expenses that may arise due to this situation will also be met by the Customer. The customer will pay extra costs during the stay during the stay.

5.3. The customer will arrive at the hotel no later than the time of arrival at the hotel at the earliest time at 14:00 and will leave the room at 12:00 no later than the time of departure from the hotel and the additional service fee to be given to him after departure from the room he agreed to pay.

5.4. All reservations will be made at the time of booking online.

5.5. Pets will not be accepted by the hotel.

5.6. If the customer gives up the service due to a reason other than not fulfilling the responsibilities of the hotel after being placed in the hotel, the payment made will not be refunded.



6.1. In all cases arising out of causes other than force majeure after the Customer has settled in the room reserved by the Customer, the Customer shall cover the damages by providing additional service and / or alternative services. The acceptance of additional service or accommodation by the Customer shall mean the Customer's request for a refund of the booking fee which he may request as compensation and waives all other claims for damages and claims.

6.2. In case the hotel does not fully or partially fulfill its obligations to provide services in accordance with the contract, the rules in the relevant laws and regulations shall apply during the payment of compensation.

6.3. In the event of a poor quality service, the Customer shall notify the Hotel Representative in writing of the complaint, otherwise the service provided by the Hotel shall be deemed as complete and timely.

6.4 Customer agrees and undertakes to cover any damages incurred by the infringing hotel, in the event of breach by the client of any matter of the contract. The hotel may change the terms and conditions of the accommodation service according to seasonal conditions and tourism season.


7.1. Negative weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorism, military operation, flood, fire etc. Conditions that can not be considered will be accepted as force majeure. In the event of such circumstances, the hotel may not continue to provide services.

7.2. Hotel, feast or new year etc. reserves the right to change the programs of other special days due to reasons not connected to the hotel.

7.3. In the settlement of disputes arising under this Contract, the Client acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the District Courts are the competent jurisdiction.

7.4. The hotel reserves the right to indemnify the customer for the damages caused by the damage caused by the damage in the room and public areas and for the material and moral damages caused by the lost parts and / or lost parts.

7.5. The Customer shall not send any goods, articles or promotional material subject to customs on behalf of the employees of the Hotel. The hotel is in no way responsible for customs clearance.

7.6. It is forbidden to smoke in closed areas of the hotel according to the law. This prohibition will be determined within the framework of the legislation. Therefore, all kinds of cigarettes or tobacco products in the Hotel are not allowed except for the guest rooms mentioned.

7.7 This contract will be canceled by the Customer's reservation number to be given by the Hotel after the Customer has made a reservation and payment, and will be terminated by the Customer leaving the Hotel.
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